Marketing Isnt Being Nosy – Why You Should Know Your Customers Better Than Anyone

Who do you know?

Hopefully, your customers…

I read “Obvious Adams” again the other night because its a quick read and a great refresher for the mind. It causes “accurate thinking” as Napoleon Hill calls it. I’m beginning to think that I need to send a copy to each of my clients just to help them think a little more accurately. Like a cup of coffee for the subconscious mind, perhaps.

Every business coach has a list of standard things that they ask their clients in one situation or another. The reason for this is that…your business is NOT different, even though everyone thinks theirs is.

One of the things I ask is “tell me about your clients”. I use it when I’ve been asked to help them figure out how to improve their existing lead generation efforts, find new sources of quality leads and improve their sales performance with those leads. It’s yet another one of those “Why’d he ask me that?” questions.

Rarely do I get a really good quality answer to that question, but that’s ok, after all, my clients ARE paying me to help them. Anyhow, I ask this question for several reasons. I want to know how in touch you are with your clients. I want to know if you could pick a prospective client out of a lineup of randomly assembled people and be fairly well assured of a sale simply by asking them some questions.

Why? Because that’s exactly what effective lead generation does.

So back to the question at hand. I was at a client’s place of business recently and I asked the question. They initially thought I meant “Do we have the contact information for your clients?”. Well, I certainly hope they do, even though many don’t even have THAT. As we discussed the issue further, I asked them what their BUYERS do for a living. What they make. What they do for fun. What they buy other than this client’s product. They had some answers, but not near enough, so we’ll do some research to find that out. That’s what you have to do.

I asked them what magazines and other media they advertise in. The answer was more or less “everywhere”. As we walked out to look at other parts of the business, the area was full of clients. Every single one of them had something in common that stuck out like a sore thumb. Now, it doesn’t really matter what it is, what matters is that they aren’t marketing in places where these clients gather, either physically or by virtue of purchasing the same goods and services, reading the same publications, listening to the same radio stations, and so on. “Birds of a feather” really do flock together. The more you know about your customers, the easier they are to find, and most importantly, the better your ability to serve them and offer them what they want.

Obvious Adams would be all over that. Obvious Mark is too:)

You should do the same.

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